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kakkoi: (❝(sp) rainbow kids. ❞)

Obviously, rules will need to be made. We're not a roleplay site so obviously, our rules are relatively low maintenance ... but still need to be tended to.

    • Be respectful of everyone. Even if you don't like someone, their ideas, belief, identity, personality, etc. you need to be respectful. We're not asking you to kiss their ass but we do expect you to handle yourself maturely and be courteous to one another. If you haven't got something nice to write, don't write anything at all.
    • As a sub rule this, please warn for common triggers (blood, gore/guro, rape/noncon/dubcon, and nudity) before your cut for your graphics (or request, if applicable).
  • Be inviting. There will be no cliques. Everyone is welcome here and The Host Club is a neutral ground area, meaning site alliances or rivalries don't exist here. When people are in the chatbox, we expect you to greet them - even guests.
  • Adding onto the previous rule; don't be a cbox hog. It's okay to have a back and forth conversation with someone when you guys are alone, but when other people enter, try to drag it to skype or another IM service. Let everyone participate in the conversation.
  • Theft is NEVER TOLERATED. We are very particular with credit and sourcing. Stealing ideas, code, graphics, or other intellectual property is not okay and thieves will be reported to Denise of Dreamwidth and will have their IP address banned. We have connections with all parts of the internet and will find out if you've stolen something.
Our specific rules regarding credit for art is as follows:
  • Credit is preferred. Now, not every host will demand credit, which is fine; if they say it's optional, then feel free to simply credit THC. However, when it comes down to posting graphics that have used fanart, please do your best to credit. Zerochan, Gelbooru, Danbooru, Safebooru, etc. are NOT creditable sources. If you don't have know the artist name, simply write art (c) artist (unknown) somewhere in your post. This is for hosts who post their icons and members who post a request using fanart.

    If you do know the artist's name, please credit them using their pixiv ID, deviantART name, anipan ID, tumblr url, and/or website url (only one is necessary). We encourage everyone to try to find the source of the fanart they use - reverse google image search works very, very well.
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