the host club.
★ STAFF POST: about the host club. 
kakkoi: (❝(stock) mickey tee.❞)

The Host Club is a graphics & coding community where you (yes, you) make the requests and we fill them. Dying to have 100 icons of your favorite face claim? Want a scan colored? Want a posting template? Or do you want a skin? Whatever it is, the hosts here will do their very best to accomodate you and your wants. ♥

Here at The Host Club, we're specifically aimed towards the Proboards Community, but we will gladly work with people on IF, JCINK, and any other servers / hosts.

All the hosts are roleplayers and designers with different skill levels. We all came together because we realized that a common problem with resource sites are that requests are almost never looked at or responded to. The Host Club is an attempt to be the solution to that.

Not interested in getting something made? Feel free to affiliate with our community -HERE-. Want to sit around and goof around? You'll find our cbox link in our sidebar.

We're interested in having as many people as part of our community. At The Host Club, everyone is welcome.
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